Medline Enters Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Market

Written by Ellie Rizzo | June 23, 2014

Medical supply manufacturer and distributer Medline, based in Mundelein, Ill. is responsible for the creation of many innovative and cutting-edge surgical products. March marked the first time Medline ventured into the orthopedic foot and ankle device market, with its introduction of  the Medline Unite™ Cannulated Screw System.  

After nearly a year of successful implantations, the company launched the cannulated screw system at the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association’s annual conference. “Cannulated screws are used every day in surgery centers,” says Wesley Reed, director of orthopedics at Medline Industries. The nickel-free, titanium-alloy screws are offered in smaller trays to reduce wasted space, and the screws and instruments are color-coded to ensure OR efficiency, reducing the likelihood of intra-operative error. Tray design also improves sterilization and disinfection, according to a news release.

In addition, each tray includes both headed and headless screw options, swapping the common hex drive for a star drive, according to Mr. Reed: “One problem a surgeon faces while  inserting or removing a screw is stripping out the head of the screw.  The star drive reduces the chance of screw strip-out,” he said.